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Public Health Grey Literature Database: Overview

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What is Grey Literature?


Grey literature is "information produced on all levels of government, academia, business and industry in electronic and print formats not controlled by commercial publishing i.e. where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body."1,2


Grey literature is produced by government agencies, professional organizations, research centers, universities, public institutions, special interest groups, associations and societies whose goal is to disseminate current information to a wide audience. Grey literature can be challenging to track down as it is not “searchable” via traditional mechanisms.


Why a Grey Literature Database?


This database of grey literature has been compiled to increase the accessibility of grey literature from Ontario's 36 public health units and other provincial knowledge-producing public health organizations.


Find grey literature on …


Alcohol & Other Substance Use Prevention Healthy Eating and Healthy Weights Injury Prevention
Annual Reports from Ontario Public Health Units
Health Emergency Planning Population Health Status
Child Health Health Administration School Health
Chronic Disease Prevention Health Promotion
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Dental Services Health Protection
Tobacco Control
Environmental Health Infectious Diseases Miscellaneous

Can't find the report you're looking for? Send a message to greylit@ophla.ca to report a broken link, suggest an addition, or ask an OPHLA librarian for help. OPHLA librarians collect and archive PDF copies of all the reports listed on this site.



1. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Grey Literature: Perspectives on the Design and Transfer of Scientific and Technical Information; 1997 Nov 13-14; Luxembourg.

2. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Grey Literature: Work on Grey in Progress; 2004 Dec 6-7; New York.


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